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Elevate Retail Sales with POP Displays in New York City

In the highly competitive NYC retail environment, standing out can be as challenging as navigating through the city’s bustling crowds. Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays and signage are your silent sales force, strategically positioned throughout your store to guide and influence customer behavior. Unique Visuals, a leading provider of large format printing and signage in NYC, excels ... Read more


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In the highly competitive NYC retail environment, standing out can be as challenging as navigating through the city’s bustling crowds. Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays and signage are your silent sales force, strategically positioned throughout your store to guide and influence customer behavior. Unique Visuals, a leading provider of large format printing and signage in NYC, excels in crafting custom POP displays and signage that not only grab attention but boost sales effectively.

Understanding POP Displays

POP displays are strategically located marketing and advertising signage within retail stores, designed to spotlight products or promotions. From custom shadowboxes and shelf topper signs to intricate floor stands and counter-top displays, retail point of purchase displays communicate directly with shoppers at the crucial moment of selection or purchase.

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Benefits of POP Signage

POP displays are crucial for their role in altering regular consumer shopping behaviors and engaging customers more interactively. Their benefits include:

  • Boost Product Prominence: By placing custom POP displays strategically throughout your store, products become more visible and accessible.
  • Encourage Spontaneous Purchasing: Attractive designs and bold, persuasive messaging on POP signage prompt on-the-spot buying decisions.
  • Strengthen Brand Presence: Uniform themes across displays enhance brand identity. This is especially useful for branded POP displays in department stores where they are competing for attention.
  • Elevate Shopping Experiences: Informative and well-designed POP materials can simplify shopping, simplifying the consumer experience and driving more sales.

Exploring Types of POP Displays and Their Strategic Placement

Retail POP displays come in a variety of forms, each suited to different retail settings and customer interaction points. Understanding the different options available and their optimal placements can significantly enhance your POP display’s effectiveness. Here’s a closer look at some common types of POP displays and recommendations for their placement:

1. Retail Counter Displays

Custom POP counter displays are typically smaller signs or graphics that are placed at checkout areas to catch customers’ eyes as they are in line to make a purchase. Ideal for small, impulse-buy items like accessories or snacks, retail counter displays encourage impulsive, last-minute additions to a shopper’s basket.

2. Floor Signage Stands

Tall and freestanding, retail floor stands, or freestanding signage, are perfect for featuring new products or special promotions. Placing these retail signage displays in high-traffic areas, such as store entrances or along main aisles, maximizes exposure and attracts customer interest from multiple directions.

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3. Store Aisle Endcap Displays

Located at the end of aisles, custom retail endcap displays are powerful POP solutions benefiting from high visibility from adjacent aisles. They are highly effective in promoting seasonal items or products on sale, capturing the attention of customers as they navigate through stores – giving your product a substantial advantage over the competition’s.

4. Custom Window Displays

Especially important in high-traffic retail environments like New York City, window displays act as your store’s visual greeting to potential customers. Quality retail window decals and window signs are eye-catching and representative of your brand. For maximum impact, custom window displays should be updated regularly to reflect new promotional campaigns or seasonal products.

retail signs window freestanding lettering display

5. Retail Shelf Toppers

Custom shelf topper signs are placed above product shelves to capture the attention of customers as they browse through store aisles. These displays are designed to stand out above your products, elevating promotional messaging or highlighting special discount offers. They are particularly effective in crowded retail environments like department stores where competition is all around. For maximum effectiveness, retail shelf toppers should be placed at eye level or slightly above, ensuring they are directly in the line of sight for the average customer.

6. Ceiling Hung Sign Displays

Suspended from the ceiling, hanging retail signs capitalize on empty overhead space to draw attention. They are especially effective in large stores with high ceilings where wall and floor space is already saturated. Ceiling hung displays can be seen from multiple angles and distances, making them ideal for conveying messages across large stores. These are particularly useful for guiding customers towards specific sections of the store or for promoting overarching campaigns like seasonal sales or new arrivals.

7. Custom Shadowbox Displays

Shadowbox graphics combine depth and layering to create beautiful visual displays that can feature products or branding elements in a dramatic and eye-catching fashion. These displays use layers to produce a sense of three-dimensionality that can make visuals pop. Placed in strategic locations, such as shoe display walls or in window displays, shadowbox graphics can act as focal points that attract customers to highlight products.

Our Unique Approach: Custom POP Signage Solutions and Creative Excellence

Unique Visuals stands out by blending customization with creative design and innovation. Our production facilities in NYC and New Jersey allow us to offer diverse custom solutions, including large format printing, white ink printing, laser cutting, custom painting and more. Below are some advantages of working with Unique Visuals for custom retail POP solutions.

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1. Customized Designs:

Our design experts have years of experience in retail signage solutions, collaborating with you to create displays that are both eye-catching and in line with your marketing goals. From bold, attention-grabbing lightbox visuals to simple and refined retail shelf toppers, our team will work with you to develop the perfect POP display solution for your business.

2. Superior Materials:

We use premium materials that are designed to endure the demands of retail settings, including acrylic, PVC and Sintra, Ultraboard, and more. Our displays are durable and environmentally friendly, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable retail practices.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology:

Investing in the latest technology including laser cutters, white ink flatbed printers, and custom color-matching paint systems, Unique Visuals provides next-level quality with rapid production times. We excel in producing high-end POP signage with detailed graphics and complex display designs.

If you’re wondering where to find a custom retail POP display manufacturer in NYC for your business, reach out to Unique Visuals today!

Stand Out with Unique Visuals

Ready to reinvent your retail space with compelling POP displays that attract and convert sales? Unique Visuals is dedicated to pushing the limits of print, fabrication, and design to craft impactful experiences that resonate with customers and yield tangible results.

Reach out today to discover how we can help spotlight your products and enhance your store’s profitability. Start your journey to a more engaging and lucrative retail environment with Unique Visuals, your expert in exceptional visual merchandising.


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