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Comprehensive Guide to Event Graphics and Signage in New York

In the competitive and fast-paced world of event production, eye-catching graphics and branded event signage play crucial roles in creating a memorable experience for attendees. Event signs not only bolster your branding but also guide and inform attendees, simplifying and enhancing their experience. Here, we’ll explore various types of popular event graphics and signage, detailing ... Read more


event pop up display step and repeat backdrop signage

In the competitive and fast-paced world of event production, eye-catching graphics and branded event signage play crucial roles in creating a memorable experience for attendees. Event signs not only bolster your branding but also guide and inform attendees, simplifying and enhancing their experience. Here, we’ll explore various types of popular event graphics and signage, detailing what they are, when to use them, and other essential information to help you pick the right signs for your next event.

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1. Event Banners

What Are Event Banners?

Event banners are large, wide format printed graphics used for promoting an event, highlighting sponsors, or providing essential information and wayfinding solutions. Banners are popular for events due to their versatility and economical pricing, capable of being printed at any size. They can be hung using a variety of frame, hardware, and mounting options.

Vinyl event banners can be printed on a number of different substrates including popular options such as 13oz Scrim Banner, 9oz Perforated Mesh Banner, 18oz Blockout Banner, and Smooth Rollup Banner materials. Banners are also commonly printed on polyester fabric material using dye-sublimation printing processes.

When to Use Event Banners?

The term “event banners” encompasses a wide range of banner products ideal for high-visibility areas such as entrances, stages, and main throughways. For outdoor events, mesh event banners are excellent advertising solutions that can be hung from fences, buildings, or stages without tearing due to their perforated design that allows wind to pass through. Street pole banners are another great option if your event is in an urban setting.

Indoor event banner products include retractable banners, also known as roll up banners, which are easy to set up and transport. Step and Repeat banners and banner backdrops are excellent options for larger indoor banner displays, attracting attention from a distance. Additionally, tension fabric banner displays offer a sleek and modern look to any event atmosphere.

New York giants jumbo oversized retractable banners for event

2. Step and Repeat Event Backdrops

What Are Step and Repeat Backdrops?

Step-and-Repeat backdrops are branded banner systems, commonly printed on scrim vinyl banner material or dye-sublimated fabric, used primarily for photo opportunities. These Step & Repeat event banners generally feature logos and event branding in a repeating pattern. With freestanding frames included, these event backdrops are easy to set up and install and come in a variety of sizes including 8’x8′, 10’x8′ and jumbo 20’x10′ step and repeats.

When to Use Step & Repeat Banners?

Step & Repeat banners are very popular for events in both New York City and nationwide. These backdrops are perfect for red carpet events, movie premiers, press conferences, sporting and music events, trade shows, and pop up events. Due to their size and ease of both transport and setup, step and repeats can be used both indoors and outdoors as large, noticeable, and engaging branding signage.

step and repeat press backdrop

3. Adhesive Vinyl Event Graphics and Decals

What Are Event Vinyl Graphics and Decals?

Adhesive vinyl graphics are highly versatile and can be applied to various surfaces, including floors, walls, and vehicles. For branded events, vinyl graphics and decals are used to create immersive and experiential atmospheres, while also capable of providing creative wayfinding solutions.

Floor decals for events are growing in popularity as they offer event producers and brands the ability to add branding and signage to stairways, entryways, carpeted floors, athletic courts and more. Outdoor floor decals can be applied to asphalt, concrete, brick and other surfaces, conforming to their texture while offering anti-slip properties.

Wall murals and wall decals for events can be applied to any wall surface, indoors or outdoors, transforming walls into canvases for branding or messaging. Event producers love wall murals due to their ability to completely transform the feel of a space with large, impactful experiential graphics and designs.

For outdoor events such as sporting events and festivals, vehicle wraps offer producers the ability to turn the event’s transportation vehicles into branding opportunities. These wraps can be printed on temporary vehicle wrap vinyl, allowing installers to easily remove them once the event has concluded.

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4. Event Table Throws and Table Signage

What Are Table Throws and Table Signage?

Table throws are custom printed fabric table covers that come in standard 6′ and 8′ widths that fit most popular tables used for events. These event table coverings can be printed any color, with as much branding or messaging needed to draw attention to your event booth. They can be either loose or tension fit, depending on your preference, and either 3 or 4-sided.

Other popular event table signage options include table runners which run along the center of your event table, tabletop retractable banners, and easel-back table signs printed on foamboard, Sintra, gatorboard, and ultraboard. Each of these sign options are simple, yet effective, solutions for both companies and brands that don’t the bank.

5. Illuminated Event Signage

What Is Illuminated Event Signage?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your event signage, illuminated event signs are an excellent option. These signs come in a variety of types and sizes, all of which are sure to attract attention more than other event signs. Ranging from freestanding or wall mounted illuminated SEG sign frames, to neon event signs and LED channel letter signs, illuminated signs steal the show with their bright lights highlighting your brand or messaging.

SEG event signs are rapidly growing in popularity due to their reusable silicone gasket framing, allowing the graphics to be easily changed out. These frames can be mounted to the wall, freestanding, or suspended from ceilings, and come with optional internal LED lighting that produces vivid, bright graphics.

Neon event signs are also becoming more popular than ever thanks to new Faux Neon LED technology. Unlike traditional glass neon signs, LED Faux Neon signs are highly durable and can be shipped across the country with ease. These signs can be made nearly any standard color or made with changeable color LEDs that are controlled by a wireless remote.

For more event signage options and inspiration, check Unique Visuals’ event page or contact one of our experienced event signage professionals today.


Choosing the right event graphics and signage can significantly impact the success of your event. By understanding the different types available and the best practices for their use, you can enhance attendee experience, ensure smooth navigation, and effectively promote your brand and sponsors. Keep up with trends like sustainable and interactive signage to stay ahead in the event industry.


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