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Serving both New York City and national clients

Unique Visuals works with retailers, event companies, out-of-home (OOH) advertisers, and other businesses to both produce and install oversized advertising signs in New York City. Whether you’re looking for a billboard printing and installation company in New York City or a bus stop advertising sign printer, Unique has you covered. From building, bus or car wraps to subway signage and outdoor pop up shops, our team of experienced sign experts have been there and are ready to help.

Unique’s in-house production team will work with your branding and/or advertising team to offer the most cost-effective and impactful visual solutions possible, fitting within your budget and reach requirements. With our certified local installers and national install partnerships, we can handle your installation requirements regardless of size, city regulations, or region.

New York City billboard printing and installations

Outdoor building wraps in Manhattan

Bus stop and kiosk advertising signs

Bus, car, and fleet wraps in New York

Why Choose Our Billboard and Out-of-Home Advertising Solutions?

High-Quality Materials and Printing

Our billboards are printed on durable, high-grade billboard vinyl with UV-resistant inks that ensure your message remains vibrant and clear for extended durations, regardless of weather conditions. From classic billboards to digital billboard displays, our products are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their impact over time.

Customizable Solutions

Maximize your brand’s messaging with our fully customizable design options and advertising solutions. Choose from a variety of sizes and formats, including digital screens, large-scale billboards, and transit advertising. Our team will help you select the best locations and designs to maximize your reach and resonance with your target audience.

Turnkey Service

From design and production to installation and maintenance, Unique Visuals offers a turnkey service covering all aspects of your billboard and out-of-home advertising needs. Our professional team ensures a seamless experience, managing every detail so you can focus on your larger marketing strategy.

Eco-Friendly Options

We are committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly printing options that reduce environmental impact without compromising quality or effectiveness. Our green solutions include recyclable materials and energy-efficient practices.


Roadside Billboards: Dominate the roadways with large, eye-catching billboards that reach commuters and long-distance travelers.

Digital Billboards: Utilize dynamic content and real-time updates with digital displays that grab attention in high-traffic areas.

Transit Advertising: Reach urban commuters with custom printed advertisements on buses, subways, and train stations, placing your brand in the heart of daily commutes.

Street Furniture: Enhance visibility at a pedestrian level with custom printed ads placed on bus shelters, kiosks, and benches in busy city spaces.

Airport Advertising: Capture the attention of domestic and international travelers with strategic placements in one of New York’s bustling airports.

Building Billboards: Capitalize on your property’s facade with large scale building billboard banners that can be seen from miles away.

Building Wraps: Transform your entire storefront into a street-level billboard with our building wrap solutions. Unique Visuals can wrap your business’ facade with vinyl or tension fabric for both short and long-term solutions.

New york city billboard printing and advertising sign Services

UNIQUE VISUALS’ commonly requested out of home, billboard, and advertising sign products



Custom printed outdoor wall decals and storefront wraps in New York City. Wraps can be printed on either adhesive vinyl or fabric.



Grand format mesh and scrim banner billboard printing and OOH advertising on buildings in New York City to both increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement.



Custom printed and installed billboards in New York City and nationwide. Produced on billboard vinyl material with a variety of finishing options dependent on mounting requirements.


Digital billboard in New York City

Digital billboard advertising signage placement services in New York City for advertising in Times Square as well as other prominent locations.

BUS STOP SHELTER advertising


Custom printed bus stop shelter advertising signage printed on styrene, poster, and other materials in New York City.



Custom printed bus, fleet and car wrap installations in New York City for both permanent and temporary advertisements.


building hoarding and barricade wrap in nyc

Construction barricade advertising signage and hoarding wraps in New York City printed and installed to give customers and idea of what is to come in the space.



Custom printed and installed scaffolding wraps produced on adhesive vinyl, rigid board, or banner material in New York City.

construction site signage & Banners


Construction site fence, barricade banners, and fence signs both printed and installed in New York City.

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wheat paste printinG


Wheat paste poster printing and installation services in New York City for both impactful and cost effective viral advertising campaigns.



Grand format indoor and outdoor banner printing and installation in Manhattan for events and other advertising campaigns.


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