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Elevate Your Brand with Large Format Custom Printed Banners

Make a bold statement with our custom printed banners, produced to both capture attention and convey your message effectively. Ideal for businesses, events, municipalities, and promotions, our banners are designed to provide maximum visibility without breaking the bank. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a special event, or putting up street pole banners, our custom printed banners are the perfect solution to get your messaging to the masses.

Benefits and Features of Our Custom Printed Banners

Vibrant, High-Quality Printing

Experience the difference with our advanced grand format printing equipment that produces vivid, eye-catching graphics with exceptional clarity. Our banners are printed with UV-resistant inks, ensuring your graphics remain vibrant and visible even under direct sunlight.

Durable Materials

Choose from a variety of banner materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including scrim vinyl, blockout, fabric, and mesh. Each custom printed banner material is selected specific to your project’s durability requirements and comes with additional finishing options that will enhance its strength where needed.

Fully Customizable

Customize your banner to fit the specific needs of your project. From unlimited size options to finishing touches like grommets, hem, pole pockets, and more, every aspect of your banner can be customized. We work closely with you to ensure that the final product perfectly aligns with your requirements and will offer suggestions along the way .

Grand Format Printing

Our custom printed banners can be printed and finished to be nearly any size imaginable with heat welding of multiple banner panels allowing us to surpass material width limits. Meanwhile, our grand format seamless banners can be printed up to 10′ wide in New York City.

Effective Uses of Custom Printed Banners

Retail Promotions: Attract attention to your store and boost sales and traffic with banners highlighting special promotional offers or new products.

Corporate Events: Enhance your corporate events, conferences, or trade shows with custom printed banners that reinforce your brand. Steal the show with custom backdrops and step & repeat banners.

Festivals and Community Events: Capture the festive spirit with colorful, durable banners that can be reused year after year. Get the community excited with large, double-sided above street banners and street pole banners highlighting the upcoming event.

Sports Teams and Clubs: Show your team spirit with banners that proudly display team logos and mascots at games and tournaments. Advertise your business at a local sports facility with custom branded mesh fence banners featuring your business.

Personal Celebrations: Add a personal touch to weddings, graduations, birthdays, or anniversaries with custom banners that make the occasion even more special.

CUSTOM Printed Banners FAQs

Q: What is the turnaround time for custom banners?

A: Most of our client’s custom printed banner orders are completed within 2-3 business days. That said, we are capable of expediting same or next-day banners for clients in a rush.

Q: Can the banners be reused?

A: Yes, banners are naturally very durable and can be used multiple times with proper care and storage. Banners can be exposed to water without impacting the printed graphics, making them a great outdoor advertising tool.

Q: Are there any size restrictions for the banners?

A: We can print seamless banners up to 10′ wide at any length. For banners larger than 10′ wide we provide specialty heat welding services allowing us to weld multiple banner panels together to create an oversized banner nearly any size requested.

Rapid Production
Weather Resistant Finishing Options
Nationwide Shipping

custom printed bannerS – finishing options


Grommets are without a doubt the most common finishing option for banners, providing durable hanging holes around the perimeter of your banner. 1/2″ grommets with either nickel or brass coloring are typically punched every 2′ for easy surface mounting.


Unless otherwise requested, nearly all of our banners are hemmed after printing with either banner tape or stitching depending on the application. Hemming involves folding the perimeter edges over 1″, subsequently doubling the perimeter’s strength.

Wind slits

Wind slits are a common finishing option for banners, where half round circles are sliced in the banner material so as to allow wind to pass through. Despite being commonly requested, Unique typically does not recommend wind slits in most scenarios as the reduce the integrity of the material.


Webbing involves sewing mesh “webbing” material around the perimeter of your banner into the hem, therefore adding substantial strength to the banner. With this in mind, we recommend webbing for any long term outdoor banner or short-term banner over 4’x8′ in size that will be exposed to wind.

REinforced corners

Reinforced corners are recommended both oversized custom printed banners and banners that will be outdoors for extended periods of time. The reinforcements strengthen the corner of the banners where the most tension will occur, mitigating the risk of tearing.

pole pockets

Pole pockets are common for both street post banners that slide onto pole banner brackets, and billboard banners that require fiberglass rods for tension. Banner pole pockets are flaps of vinyl that are folded over, typically in diameters of 2″ or 3″ and subsequently stitched to allow brackets or rods to slide in for mounting.


Hook-and-loop velcro is a popular finishing option for banner solutions where drilling into a wall or surface is not an option. Velcro is sewn or taped onto the backside perimeter of your banner while the side of the velcro that will be mounted to your wall has an adhesive backing.


Banner material comes in a variety of widths, so that the majority of the banners Unique produces are seamless. However, when a client requires an oversized banner wider than 8′, our production team will heat weld multiple rolls of banner together to create a near-seamless look on banners of any size.

common printed banner material options & use cases

13oz scrim banner

13oz scrim banner is both the most popular and cost-effective banner material requested by our clients in New York City. Both lightweight and durable, scrim banner works for a number of indoor and outdoor solutions and can reinforced with some of the finishing options above for added durability.


  • Short-term outdoor printed banners
  • Short to long-term indoor banners
  • Promotional banner advertisements
  • Indoor oversized event banners
  • Retail window banners
  • Scaffolding banner wraps


Mesh banner is one of the most versatile banner material options in terms of both where and how it can be used. With standard 30% perforation, the small holes in mesh printed banners allow for wind to pass through easier than scrim making them more durable in outdoor areas. Below are some of the most common use cases for our mesh banners printed in Manhattan.


  • Short and long-term building banners
  • Building billboard banners
  • Construction fence banners in NYC
  • Event fence banners
  • Concert stage banners and speaker mesh banners
  • Stadium and venue banners


Smooth roll-up banner material has a smooth surface perfect for up-close, higher end banner graphics. Additionally, with its blockout liner, smooth roll-up material doesn’t allow light to shine through and distort your printed images. Unique regularly produces roll-up printed banners for event and retail clients in NYC.


  • Retractable banners also known as roll-up banners
  • Hanging window display banners for retailers
  • Promotional and seasonal retail advertisements

18oz blockout BANNER

Unique’s 18oz blockout banner material is undeniably the strongest banner option available. Thicker than other material options, this material also has a blockout liner so it can be printed double-sided without ghosting from the images on either side. Our 18oz blockout banner material is a common request for New York City outdoor banners and pole banners.


  • Double-sided banner prints
  • Pole-banners for street post banners
  • Barricade coverings
  • Building billboard banners
  • Stadium and venue banners
  • Festival street overhang banners

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New York giants jumbo oversized retractable banners for event

Branded retractable banners, also known as roll-up banners, produced in Manhattan for retailers, events, offices and more.


Custom printed backdrops, framing systems, pop-up displays (also known as hop-up displays), and tension fabric backdrops made in NYC.


snap frame banner mounting system for walls

Unique’s snap frame banner mounting systems in NYC make the installation of regularly switched out banners faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Step-and-repeat banners

step and repeat press backdrop

Step-and-repeat banners for photoshoots and events with hardware included. Wide variety of options including 8′, 10′, and 20′ widths along with tension and pop-up backdrops.

Dye-sublimation printing

custom Barclays printed event tent and signage New York City

Dye-sublimation large format printing in Manhattan on a variety of fabrics for custom flags, tension fabric graphics, and a number of other applications.

feather flags, tear drop flags & advertising flags

custom printed teardrop feather flags nyc

Both single and double-sided outdoor feather flags, tear drop flags, rectangular sail flags, and more with a variety of mounting options including stakes and cross-bases.

Construction fence banners
& barricade coverings

Custom fit construction fence banners printed on either scrim or mesh vinyl. Custom printed barricade coverings for standard 6′ and 8′ barricades.

seg fabric printing & custom frames

illuminated seg freestanding fabric lightboxes

Dye-sublimated SEG (silicone-edge) fabric graphics in NYC, both illuminated and non-illuminated, and custom fabricated SEG frames with a variety of mounting options.

hoarding and scaffolding graphics

building hoarding and barricade wrap in nyc

Hoarding and scaffolding graphics, both printed and installed in Manhattan for temporary construction hoarding barricades.


Both heavy-duty single or double-sided pole banners for street and light posts printed with UV inks or screen printed and finished with pole pockets, grommets, and other options in NYC.


Rutgers mesh banners university signage

Our mesh banners are durable and versatile, offering a great solution for outdoor advertising in areas with high wind-load.

Bulk quantity Posters

large format custom bulk posters

Bulk quantity poster large format printing services in Manhattan for oversized posters with a variety of finishing options available.


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