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Transform Your Exterior with Outdoor Wall Murals and Building Wraps

Grab the attention of New York City’s diverse audience with our bold, impactful outdoor wall murals and building wraps. Perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses, pop-up shops, event productions, or public institutions looking to make a substantial visual impact, our large-format exterior vinyl wraps transform any building facade into a breathtaking canvas. Whether promoting a brand, highlighting an event, or conveying a powerful message, our outdoor wall murals and building wraps are designed to create an immediate and lasting impression.

Features and Benefits of Our Outdoor Wall Murals and Building Wraps

Customizable to Any Scale

For Unique Visuals, no project is too big. From a single-story retail facade to a multi-story office building, we work with our building wrap clients to get accurate survey measurements first, ensuring the print and installation phases go smooth. With careful calculation, we customize our outdoor wall murals and wraps to fit any surface or architectural style without losing image quality or impact, printing our panels strategically for ease of install.

Durable Materials

Our outdoor wall murals and building wraps are printed on high-tack, conformable vinyl with protective laminates, ensuring proper adhesion and durability against the elements. Designed to withstand rain, wind, and sunlight, our products maintain their integrity and aesthetic appeal in all conditions for their expected lifetime.

Bold, Impactful Printing

Using the latest large format printers we produce sharp, vivid images on a grand scale that can be seen clearly from a distance. Our high-quality inks and protective laminates ensure long-lasting color and resistance to fading from sun exposure, ensuring your mural or wrap looks great for the duration it is up.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installation team ensures that every exterior wall wrap is applied with the proper technique, including heat sealing to conform the material to the contours of the facade. We handle the logistics and execution from start to finish, including the sourcing of required lifts and street closure permits, making the activation hassle-free for our clients.

Applications of Outdoor Wall Murals and Building Wraps

Retail Businesses: Large-scale storefront building wraps are a powerful way for retailers to draw in both existing and new customers with monumental outdoor wall murals showcasing their brand.

Corporate Buildings: Grand-scale wall murals on corporate building boost corporate identity and make a bold statement to employees and visitors.

Residential Blocks: Enhance living spaces or distract away from construction sites with artistic outdoor wall murals that improve the neighborhood’s appeal.

Public Spaces and Institutions: Using large-scale art in the form of building wraps and outdoor wall murals, museums, hospitals, and other public facilities can engage the community and communicate public messages in a visually compelling way.

Events and Pop-Up Shops: Event producers working on high-end activations can capitalize on outdoor wall murals and building wraps to generate buzz and draw traffic to their event. Similarly, pop-up shop producers can wrap their temporary storefront facades to notify the community of their presence.

Outdoor wall murals and building wrap FAQs

Q: How long does it take to complete a mural or building wrap project?

A: Depending on the size and complexity of the wall mural, projects can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Important factors to consider for timing are permits, site surveys, city street-closure coordination, weather, and installation time. If you need help scheduling or setting up your outdoor wall mural, reach out to the team at Unique Visuals.

Q: How long to outdoor wall murals and building wraps last?

A: Again, there are a lot of factors that go into this answer. Typically, the higher-end exterior wrap materials are rated to last around 18 months. That said, if the weather is fairly neutral and the building was prepped properly, these graphics can last much longer.

Q: Can these graphics be removed without damaging the building?

A: Yes, our murals and wraps can be removed without harming the underlying structure, making them an ideal solution for temporary promotions or events. For large scale wraps, minor paint chipping or peeling from the facade during the removal can occur if the paint was already loose beforehand.

Q: Can you wrap a brick or concrete wall?

A: Yes, using the proper vinyl materials you can wrap over brick and concrete which generally are very difficult to adhere to. High-tack, conformable textured surface vinyl can be stuck loosely to these surfaces then heated with a heat gun and rolled into the crevices with custom squeegees to generate proper adhesion.

Rapid Production
Site Surveys For Precision Measurements
Nationwide Shipping & Installation Services

custom outdoor wall mural and building wrap solutions in nyc


Unique Visuals transforms New York City’s urban landscape with our flagship retail store building wrap services. We specialize in both the printing and install of building wraps that turn entire buildings into colossal advertisements and brand statements. Our installation services are executed by skilled and insured professionals, making sure that every building wrap is not only stunning but also NYC compliant and safely put up.


Our building wrap services for events and convention centers offer a grand canvas for promotions that both capture attention and engage audiences. Our custom designed adhesive vinyl and fabric wraps transform event venues into grand scale advertisements, providing unmatched visibility for either your brand or event. Expertly measured to fit the unique contour of any building, these wraps not only enhance the visual appeal of the venue but also serve as powerful marketing tools that draw attention from afar.


Unique Visuals elevates the durability and vibrancy of building graphics with our high tack vinyl solutions, featuring UV protective laminate designed specifically for locations facing harsh weather conditions or significant sun exposure. Our specialized materials ensure that your building wraps remain both vivid and intact, resisting fading and weathering over time. Ideal for both urban landscapes and exposed settings, our high tack vinyl wraps are engineered to withstand the elements, preserving the integrity and impact of your messaging.


Unique Visuals offers innovative solutions for pop-up shops and event spaces in Manhattan including our temporary facade wrap services. Designed for rapid installation and removal, these wraps transform facades and store fronts without damaging the walls. Perfect for short-term promotions or events, our wraps are crafted from materials that will not damage the underlying surface upon removal or leave adhesive residue.

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