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Features and Benefits of Our Vehicle and Fleet Wraps

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Premium Quality Materials

Our vehicle wraps are printed on durable, high-grade vinyl from trusted manufacturers like 3M and Avery Dennison. These premium materials ensure the longevity of your wrap while protecting your vehicle’s original paint. Our vehicle wraps are resistant to weather, UV rays, and minor abrasions, making them ideal for commuters and companies with fleets driving through NYC frequently.

High-Resolution Printing

We utilize the latest large format printing technology to produce vibrant, eye-catching graphics with vivid and impactful colors. Our dedication to delivering quality vehicle wrap printing ensures that your branding is visible and impactful on the move.

Cost-Effective Advertising

For businesses, vehicle wraps and fleet wraps offer a one-time investment that generates years of advertising. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, which require ongoing expenses, a vehicle wrap can generate thousands of daily impressions wherever you or your employees travel, making it a cost-effective solution to reach a broad audience. In the densely populated New York City, company vehicle wraps and fleet wraps are guaranteed to capture the attention from potential customers any time they’re on the road.

Professional Installation

Our team of skilled, 3M certified vehicle wrap installers ensure your vehicle wraps are applied smoothly and professionally, without bubbles or wrinkles, providing a seamless wrap that will last for years. Proper installation not only enhances the appearance but also extends the life of the wrap.

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Ideal Uses for Vehicle and Fleet Wraps

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Service Vehicle Wraps: Turn your service company vehicles into branding platforms with custom company car and truck wraps; every site visit becomes a marketing opportunity.

Delivery Truck Wraps: Take advantage of your company’s delivery vehicle operations and catch the eye of potential customers with custom truck wrap designs that highlight your brand on the move.

Corporate Fleet Wraps: Maintain a professional and cohesive appearance across all company vehicles, reinforcing brand identity with custom designed, printed and installed company fleet wraps.

Personal Vehicles: Even personal vehicles can be wrapped to promote small businesses or personal brands, especially useful for independent contractors and freelancers.


Q: How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

A: For individual vehicles, car wraps typically take 2-3 days to print, laminate, and cut. The installation process typically takes about 2-3 days depending on the size, condition, and type of vehicle.

Q: How long do vehicle wraps last?

A: With proper care, our vehicle wraps are manufactured to last at least 5-7 years, making them a fantastic long-term investment.

Q: Can vehicle wraps be removed?

A: Yes, vehicle wraps can be removed without damaging the vehicle’s original paint, preserving the resale value of the vehicle. That said, after-market paint jobs not done by the original car manufacturer may peel or chip during the removal process.

Q: Can I wrap only a portion of my vehicle?

A: Absolutely, partial vehicle wraps are very common for businesses and companies looking to add branding to their vehicles without paying for an entire. For further savings, contour cut vinyl decals can be applied as a cost-effective vehicle branding solution.

Q: How do I design my company vehicle wrap?

A: If you’re starting from scratch, we recommend hiring a designer with experience in vehicle wrap designs to create your artwork. Unique Visuals works with our clients to design custom vehicle wraps and cohesive fleet wraps that help your business stand out. Using custom vehicle templates, our designers work with the curves and contours of your vehicle to carefully map out the design layout, getting the most out of your vehicle’s limited space.

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Fleet wraps and company vehicle wrap printing and installation services in new york city

Commercial fleet wraps and company vehicle wraps in New York City.

Unique Visuals specializes in delivering impactful vehicle wraps and commercial fleet wraps that elevate both your company’s visibility and marketing efforts. Our custom vehicle wrap solutions in New York City transform any vehicle into a mobile billboard, showcasing your brand’s messaging to thousands of onlookers daily. From delivery vans and corporate fleets to service vehicles and personal cards, our vehicle wraps cater to diverse industry needs, ensuring your brand makes a lasting impression as you and your team travel.

For logistics and transportation businesses, our fleet wraps turn fleets into a dynamic marketing platform that reinforce your brand reliability as you perform your logistics services. Food and beverage companies with custom branded delivery vehicle wraps draw attention and brand recognition that can drive your business to the next level. Service industries including plumbing, HVAC, and landscapers all benefit from vehicle wraps advertising your services and transforming your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

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providing custom vehicle wrap solutions to a wide range of industries

At Unique Visuals, we understand that each industry has its unique challenges and opportunities. Our team will work closely with you to design and implement wraps that are not only eye-catching, but also durable, cost-effective, and tailored to your marketing strategies. Whether you’re looking to wrap a single vehicle or an entire fleet, Unique Visuals will print and install your custom branded vehicle graphics in New York City, New Jersey, and the surrounding tri-state area.

3M certified vehicle wrap installation services

Durable and cost-effective vehicle and fleet wrap printing and installation

Delivery truck and trailer wraps

Partial vehicle wraps and vinyl lettering


Unique Visuals has experienced in-house vehicle wrap installers and installation partners with 3M wrap certifications that will install your vehicle wraps with care and speed. Our installers remove handles and obstructions to eliminate the need for excess seams or cutting on your vehicle.

NYC marketing and advertising signage solutions

pair your vehicle wrap or custom commercial fleet wraps with more of our printing and advertising solutions


jay z custom printed wall vinyl exhibit

Wall murals and wall coverings custom printed in our New York City print shop on a variety of adhesive or wallpaper materials. Interior and exterior materials solutions available.

window decals & graphics

Disney upfront custom printed large format window graphics at Javits center NYC

Window decals and graphics custom printed in NYC for events and pop-up shows on opaque vinyl, perforated vinyl, first or second surface vinyl, and contour cut vinyl decals.

building, facade & barricade wraps

book of hov exterior building wrap Brooklyn public library

Transforming everyday building facades, barricades, and storefronts in New York City and nationwide into visual masterpieces with vinyl wraps and custom fit fabric.

floor graphics, mats and carpeting

Custom event anti-skid floor decals and wraps, dye-sublimated floor and welcome mats, and branded carpeting and runways produced in NYC.

Contour cut (die-cut) vinyl decals

contour cut retail vinyl decal

Printed contour cut, also known as die-cut, vinyl decals with letters and graphics weeded out in NYC for window graphics, vehicle lettering, and more.


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